Amorphophallus konjac

Amorphophallus konjac application in Food

Konjac powder is a kind of primary product extracted and processed from the tubers of Amorphophallus Blume plants of Araceae. Its effective chemical ingredient is konjac glucomannan, so it possesses thickening, stabilizing, suspension, and gelatinization properties.


Konjac gum is widely used in the food industry to make various kinds of food additives due to its properties of hydrophilicity, thickening, stability, emulsifying, gelatinization and film forming.

Amorphophallus konjac food gum Blume

1. Application in cold drinks

Konjac gum and its complex gum are indispensable food additives in the production of ice cream. When dissolved in the same aqueous medium, the molecules of KGM and xanthan gum can form a preliminary three dimensional network structure. When at the optimum ratio 3:2, they can form a three dimensional network structure with the highest apparent viscosity, the supreme yield value, the maximum gel strength and excellent fastness. Therefore, KGM and xanthan gum are the basic materials in cold ice products and cold dairy products.


2. Application in meat products

Konjac powder is a kind of polysaccharide with thickening, cohesive and hygroscopic properties. When the compound of KGM and carrageenan is used in meat products, the synergistic effect of gels helps to improve the tenacity and slicing property. Due to the thickening and hygroscopic properties, KGM can prevent the meat products from separating water or oil and can improve the bonding strength of the meat products. Its emulsifying property also plays a role in improving the adhesive force between the meat and the troponin released from the meat products.


3. Application in flour products

Since KGM is one kind of typical macromolecule polysaccharide, it can naturally form a polysaccharide network by itself. Consequently, when mixed with flour, it can act as auxiliary gluten and improve the gluten strength and its elasticity. These properties have established the foundation for its application in flour products such as noodles, dumpling wrappers and bread.


4. Application in gelled food

The mutual solution of Konjac gum and carrageenan possesses the gelation and synergistic effects, so they are the basic materials in the production of gelled food such as jelly and pudding.

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