Application of Cyclodextrins in Food

Application of Cyclodextrins in Food


Cyclodextrins, CD for short can produce compounds with a lot of active ingredients in the food additives to stabilize the physical-chemical properties of inclusion compound, reduce oxidation, passivate light sensitivity and heat sensitivity and to decrease volatility. Consequently, CD can be used to protect aromatic substances and maintain the stability of pigments.


Cyclodextrins can also be used to eliminate peculiar smells and harmful ingredients such as most of cholesterol in egg yolk and single cream.

Cyclodextrins can be used to improve food technology and quality. For example, in the process of tea drinks, the use of β-Cyclodextrins not only helps to effectively inhibit the formation of turbid matter at low temperature in the tea soup, but also does no damage to the excipient substances such as tea polyphenols (TP) and amino acid, so it has the minimum effects on the color and taste of tea soup. In addition, cyclodextrins can also be used for emulsification, foam boosting, moisture proof and retention and recovery of dehydrated vegetables.

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