Application of konjac flour

Application of konjac flour


Konjac gum is a kind of hydrogel polysaccharide extracted from the tubers of various konjac plants. It is a kind of non-ionic colloid with high molecular weight. The konjac gum will swell up when meeting water and then burst to release the KGM polymer.

konjac flour

1. Application in food processing

konjac flour is widely used in the food industry to make various kinds of food additives due to its properties of hydrophilicity, thickening, stability, emulsifying, gelatinization and film forming. It can be used as a stabilizing agent in ice cream to make a soft and smooth taste. In noodles, it plays a role in increasing the intensity and tenacity.  As a beer foam stabilizer, it helps to make bubbles tiny and uniform after pouring into the glass and also to get the cup-hanging time long. In addition, it can act as the clarifying agent in fruit juice and liquor.


2. Application in agriculture

konjac flour will form a gel-like solution after dissolving in water. When coated with konjac flour, fruits and vegetables can form a clear and colorless semipermeable membrane on its surface and then effectively prevent O2 entering into the interior of fruits. Therefore, it helps to slow down the out diffusion of CO2 produced by the respiration of fruits and vegetables and thereby to achieve the fresh-keeping effect.

konjac flour can also act as a kind of animal feed additives. The aquatic animal feeding stuff with konjac flour has favorable stability, low scatter ratio of particle ratio and low loss rate of the crude protein. It can still maintain a certain hardness and elasticity even in water.


3. Application in medicine

konjac flour has nutritious and health-care functions. To be specific, as a kind of dietary fiber, konjac flour can play a regulative role in nutrition imbalance, such as preventing constipation, reducing blood lipid, decreasing blood sugar and losing weight. konjac flour gels can be used for hemostasis and wound healing.


4. Application in other industries

konjac flour can act as an adhesive in paper making, rubber, ceramics and photographic films. In oil industry, it can be used as the treating agent to drilling fluid and the injectant of pressure liquid to improve the project quality and accelerate the construction progress. In the textile industry, it can be used as a kind of sizing materials for fur, flax and cotton yarn. Also, it can act as a printing paste in two-sided strike through of silk.

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