Advantages of Xanthan Gum over Other hydrophilic colloid

Advantages of  Xanthan Gum over Other Colloids


1. Safety and environmental protection;

Tasteless, odorless, safe and widely applicable, xanthan gum polymer won approval for use in food industry from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1969. The FAO approved xanthan gum polymer as a worldwide food additive and imposed no restriction on the amount.


2. High viscosity;

Compared with any other polysaccharide solution, xanthan gum polymer can produce very high viscosity even at low concentrations. The viscosity of 1% aqueous solution is 100 times the amount of gelatin.


3. Unique rheological property;

The viscosity of solution will be rapidly depressed with shearing action. Once the shearing action is removed, the viscosity of solution will be immediately recovered. This property can give a good taste to such food as ice cream, ham sausage, juice and vegetable protein beverages and baked food. Moreover, it enables xanthan gum polymer to have a wide range of application in oil drilling and exploitation.


4. Favorable thermostability

In a large range of temperature(-18-130℃), it can maintain its own functions and thus can be a good auxiliary material to produce frozen and baked food.


 5. PH stability

In general, its viscosity is unaffected by PH. When the PH value is 1~12, it can maintain its original properties so that it has been widely used.


6. Strong anti-oxidation and anti-enzymatic hydrolysis effects

It can still play a part even in the conditions where exists sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide or bio-active enzymes.


7. Wide compatibility

The mixture of xanthan gum polymer with guar gum polymer or locust bean gum polymer can have a beneficial synergistic effect. Such kind of structural gum polymer can produce a similar effect to gel.


8. Thickening stability

When it coexists with salts or saccharide in high concentration, it can still maintain a stable system of thickening.


9. Favorable suspension property

It possesses a favorable suspension property as for insoluble solids and oil drops.

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