Functions of gamma cyclodextrin in the Food Industry

Functions of gamma cyclodextrin in the Food Industry and Food additives


1. Resistance to Volatilization and Anti-oxidation

The inclusion compound formed by gamma cyclodextrin and these fragrant ingredients with high volatility helps to strikingly slow down volatilization and oxidation for long-term storage. In addition, it can also blend with animal or plant oils and remain stable at normal temperature, so it is often used in baked and canned food.


2. Pigment Protection

The inclusion of gamma cyclodextrin with some pigments helps to significantly improve the storage stability so that it is not easy to get faded by oxidation.


3. Improvement of Tissue Structure in Food

If gamma cyclodextrin is added to beverages, egg yolk, sauce and ice cream with high oil content, then emulsion with long-term stability will be formed. Moreover, the addition of gamma cyclodextrin into casein solution helps to improve both the foaming capacity and foam retention. In the production of bread and cakes, the addition of it can delay the aging process. Since gamma cyclodextrin has good water-binding capacity and is not easy for moisture absorption, it is also usually used as rehabilitating agent in dehydrated vegetables.


4. Auxiliary Material in Food Production

Lactic acid and cyclodextrin can produce the coagulating agent of tofu to stabilize and enhance the tissue structure of protein colloids. Besides, various kinds of sweetening agents can mix with gamma cyclodextrin for tableting of sweet tablets easy to be dissolved.


5. Powder of Liquid Food

gamma cyclodextrin enables to make solid powder after the embedding process of liquid food such as liquor, beverages and seasonings, so the transportation and storage become more convenient. In the production process of instant tea, it also has various aspects of functions, such as effectively protecting the flavor and color, embedding external fragrant substance and moisture proof and shaping performance of instant tea.sodium diacetate xanthan gum propylene glycol alginate sodium erythorbate

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