Health-Care Functions of Konjac Gel

Health-Care Functions of KONJAC GEL


1. Weight-losing function

Konjac Gel, the major component of konjac gum, is a kind of edible plant fiber and not easy to be digested. With such features as extremely low calories, strong water absorbability, high viscosity and high expansion rate, KONJAC GEL can swell 20~100 times and trick your body into satiety when it enters into stomach and absorbs gastric juice. Thus, people can satisfy their eating needs and don’t put on weight at the same time. Without going on diet deliberately, balanced diet can be obtained and therefore weight-losing dreams come true.


2. Blood pressure lowering and anticancer effects

Konjac gum can absorb the cholesterol in the gastrointestinal tract and promote the excretion during its retention there. KONJAC GEL has a certain effect on biliary secretion. To some extent, it can prevent the human body from absorbing the cholesterol and it’s effective to disturb the metabolism function of cancer cells. When the konjac gel enters into the gastrointestinal tract, it will form semipermeable membrane of various pore sizes in the intestine wall and prevent the invasion of harmful substances including carcinogenic substances. In this way, it can have an effect on detoxification and preventing cancers like thyroid cancer.


3. Calcium supplement function

Experiments have shown that the calcium in konjac foods can be easily eluted. Especially in acid solution, the elution rate of calcium can be higher. When people eat konjac, the chewed konjac comes into contact with acid gastric juice and calcium begins to be solute and then absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. In this way, calcium supplement effects can be achieved.


4. Gastrointestinal cleaning effect

The digestive absorption process of konjac is slow, so a great quantity of soluble plant fiber in it helps to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, shorten the retention time of harmful substances in stomach, intestines and gallbladder, and effectively protect gastric mucosa and to clean the stomach wall.


5. Detoxification and defecation functions

The abundance of plant cellulose in konjac gum helps to invigorate the intestinal functions, speed up the excretion of harmful toxins in our bodies, to prevent and reduce the bowel diseases.

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