Konjac gum Food

Konjac gum Food


Two categories of konjac gelled food:Konjac noodle food


One category is a kind of thermal irreversible gelled food, and the typical representatives are konjac tofu, derivative konjac bean vermicelli, konjac dry plate and bionic food like vegetarian food. This kind of irreversible gels can strip the acetyl on the branched chain of konjac glucomannan (KGM). The molecules can link to compose a three-dimensional netting structure and the moisture without the free flow performance can be retained between the grid meshes. Therefore, a semi-solid structure with the property of elasticity can be obtained and this kind of gel cannot get back to the fluid state due to the shaping property and holding water capacity of KGM.

Konjac powder is the main materials of thermal irreversible gelled food, so its quality and dosage are the primary factors affecting the quality of gelled food. With high quality and optimum dosage, the gelled food can be neither soft nor hard, and can have perfect elasticity, favorable taste and low shrinking rate.


The other is a kind of thermal reversible gelled food such as jelly, pudding, jelly granules, chocolate and jam. KGM can play a role in gelling process and act as a stabilizing agent when used in these products. Due to the KGM functions, these products are endowed with such features as satisfying resilience, crisp and refreshing taste, low frequency of dehydration and no cracking phenomenon. At a certain concentration, konjac gum and complex konjac gum can remain jelly-like state at the normal temperature while they can get back to the fluid state with the heat.

Konjac gum food

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