Weight-Losing Effects of Konjac fibre

Weight-Losing Effects of Konjac fibre


The content of KONJAC GUM in white konjac reaches 60% (dry basis). KONJAC FIBRE can dissolve fat and thus achieve the effect of losing all-over weight. More specifically, due to the gastrointestinal cleaning function, KONJAC FIBRE can dissolve the fat in the gastrointestinal tract and then achieve the detoxification and skincare effects. Therefore, it enables you to easily get rid of your love handles or beer bellies and get back into a slim figure.

In Japan and South Korea, konjac is used as a substitute for staple food to keep fit and is well known as “top weight-loss product”. And in Southeast Asia, it is called “a health drink to keep fit”.

Weight-Losing Effects of Konjac gum

Function Principles of KONJAC FIBRE:

1. As a kind of soluble dietary fiber, KONJAC FIBRE can form a protective layer around food and thus prevent digestive enzyme interacting with food.

2. KONJAC FIBRE can swell after absorbing water about 80-100times, so it enables to suppress appetite, bring your body into satiety and reduce the food intake.


3. KONJAC FIBRE can delay and even block the absorption of nutrient substances such as cholesterol and monosaccharide, and thus can reduce the synthesis of fatty acid inside the body.


4. KONJAC FIBRE has the effect of relaxing bowel to relieve constipation. By increasing the volume of defecation, it can achieve the gastrointestinal cleaning function.



1. The gastrointestinal scavenger function

KONJAC FIBRE is a natural hydrocolloid with strong water absorption performance. In the large intestine, it will swell in volume after absorbing water. The short chain fatty acid produced by the decomposition with the colon bacillus can promote intestinal peristalsis, shorten the time of defecation, facilitates excretion and prevent diarrhea.


2. The detoxification and skincare effect

With abundant plant cellulose, KONJAC FIBRE helps to invigorate the intestinal functions, speed up the excretion of harmful toxins in our bodies, to prevent and reduce the bowel diseases.


3. Health care function

Glucomannan, the main component in KGM , is rich in dietary fiber, multi-amino acids and trace elements. Furthermore, fortified in protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and mineral substances, it is an ideal substitute for staple food.

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