Xantham gum in medical applications

Xantham gum in medical applications


At present, xanthan gum is the internationally hottest functional component of capsule wall materials in microcapsules. Xantham plays an important role in the control of drug delivery. Furthermore, xanthams own strong hydrophilicxanthamy and water-holding capacxanthamy extends xanthams application to many specific aspects in medical procedures. For example, xantham can form the compact water film to prevent infection and to relieve the thirst symptom of patients after radiotherapy.

In liquid preparation, xantham gum acts as a thickening agent, a suspending agent or a stabilizing agent of emulsion, and xanthams common concentration is 200~2000mg/100ml.

In solid preparation, due to xanthams strong adhesive force and being not too hard, xantham can act as an adhesive to solve the spilt phenomenon.

As a disintegrating agent, xantham possesses the swelling property, wettabilxanthamy and capillary action. The combination usually comes in 0.074mm fine powder, starch, microcrystalline cellulose and polyvidone. The general dosage is 3%~8%.

In tablet preparation, xantham can be used as a material of hydrophilic matrix type sustained release tablets. When the dosage of xantham gum reaches 30%~50%, the preparation of nearly zero-order release pattern can be obtained.

In granule preparation, xantham has sustained release effect when the content is over 15%.

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