Xanthan gum Application in Industries

Xanthan gum Application in Other Industries

In ceramics, xanthan gum plays a role in solid suspension and ceramic glazing. Xanthan gum is endowed with favorable rheological property whether for manual operation or for sprays system. It can also prevent excessive spray by reducing the bubbles and poor-quality glazing. It has a good control over various colors in colored glaze. As a suspending agent and thickener in glaze slip, xanthan gum is known as a major technical innovation in ceramic industry and solves all kinds of technical problems in shaped ceramic products.


In mining, xanthan gum is used to maintain the stability of carbon pulp. It can control the sediments and can improve the foam stability during the flotation process.


In printing, xanthan gum is endowed with appropriate viscosity and can be used in watermarking to control permeability and improve stability.


In cleaners and lacquers, xanthan gum, with strong acid resistance, plays a part in suspending abrasive materials. Its shearing property enables these products to be easily used and grinded.

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In paint, it is used in the common latex paint and watertight water-based paint to improve the rheological property of the products. It also has pigment suspension property. In whitewashing in the vertical plane, it helps to make painting smooth and uniform. Furthermore, xanthan gum has an effective control over the painting or spraying diffusion of paint and prevents depressed painting.



In pesticide preparations, xanthan gum can act as a suspending agent in insecticides and fertilizers. It can perfectly control the drift and adhesion during spray. In addition, it is a favorable stabilizer in agricultural chemicals and helps to prolong the period of validity.


In paper industry, xanthan gum can perfectly control the rheological property in special process. Under the conditions of temperature variation or shear rate change, xanthan gum helps to effectively stabilize the outer covering, efficiently suspend starch and prevent agglutination.

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