Xanthan gum application in Meat Products

Xanthan gum application in Meat Products


Xanthan gum, a kind of powder in white-like or off-white color, possesses thickening, suspending, emulsifying, stabilizing properties. Scentless, non-toxic, edible and safe, xanthan gum is easily soluble in water, acid-base and high-salinity resistant, high-temperature and low-temperature resistant, enzyme resistant and anti-fouling. It occurs in a polyanionic state in the solutions and possesses distinctive physical and chemical properties. Low concentration solution has high viscosity, and consequently it can act as an efficient thickener. Xanthan gum is at present one of the best biological glues in the world.

Xanthan gum is widely in the process of meat products such as square ham, round ham, luncheon meat and red sausage. It helps to improve tenderness, color and flavor, enhance the water-binding capacity of meat products and to increase the product yield. For square ham and round ham, the amount of usage is usually about 1% while for luncheon meat and red sausage, the amount of usage is usually about 0.1%-0.3%. The methods of application and notes are almost the same as carrageenan.

 Food additives—xanthan gum

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