Xanthan gum-Application in Personal-Care Products

E415-Xanthan gum-Application in Personal-Care Products

The unique features of xanthan gum make it possible to be applied in toothpaste for the improvement of paste state and filling. Its enduring viscosity, easy hydrolysis and favorable emulsion stability enable toothpaste to be easily molded, high dispersivity and make the toothbrush more effective. Furthermore, the rheological property can improve toothpaste filling and can provide with favorable taste.


In cosmetics and detergent, xanthan gum can speed up the diffusion and adsorption of the products and thus nourish the skin. In shampoo and hair-care products, its suspensible stability contributes to the increase of foam. In masks, its favorable adhesive ability and stable viscosity makes masks easily stick to your skin and easily stripped.


Medical application
The stability of xanthan gum is widely used in suspending agents and emulsifying agents. For example, when used in vitamin emulsifiers, delamination caused by change of temperature can be prevented. Since xanthan gum is easily soluble in cold water, the solution preparation becomes very easy. As a thickener, xanthan gum can be used in tablets to prolong the contact time of additives.

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