xanthan gum food grade

xanthan gum food grade

There are two specifications with 80 mesh and 200 mesh of the xanthan gum food grade, the indicators for both of the two are the same but difference in mesh number.

Xanthan gum food grade is widely used as salt tolerance agent, acid-resisting thickener, efficient suspended emulsifier and high viscosity filler in the food, beverage, feed and pet food. xanthan gum food grade can significantly improve the water retention, conformal capacity and frozenthawed stability, it also can improve the taste, and extend the shelf life of the product. It greatly reduces conveying, filling and sterilization difficulty in the processing, thereby production costs are reduced.

Pharmaceutical, fine chemical grade xanthan gum can be used in liquid and paste-like drugs, cosmetics, oral care products, life detergent and lotion. xanthan gum is used as lubricant in drugs and cosmetics. In toothpaste, it is used as thickener to improve the taste of the product and the paste state, make filling and extruding easy, suppress stratification, conducive to the dispersion and absorption of the product, improve moisturizing and film forming properties of the cosmetic, extent the makeup effects and feel natural.

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