xanthan gum oil drilling mud additives

As a high-efficient, high-quality, environmentally friendly oil drilling mud additives, Xanthan gum is wide used. To temperature (≥ 94 ℃), acids, bases and salts, it has a very strong toleration. It can significantly improve the penetration rate of the mud and the ability of the suspended solids to reduce the pressure loss in the drilling process, stabilize the wellbore, reduce the destruction of the reservoir layer, and significantly improve the efficiency of the drilling, workover, and completion work. As biotype fuel scavenge additives, it  greatly enhances the profile control effect and the oil production rate, improves resource utilization, significantly improves the low production and economic benefit as well as protecting the environment at the same time.

Industrial grade xanthan gum can be widely used in pesticides, feed, ceramics, printing and dyeing, mineral separation, painting and coatings and paper industry. It has obvious thickening and stabilizing role, so it can enhance adhesion and antioxidant capacity to extend the use of the product life.

Suspending solids and glazing ceramic. Either manual operation or using a  spray-on system, xanthan gum provides a good flowability;

Xanthan gum can be used as an insecticide and suspension concentrate (SC) of the fertilizer. Driftage and adhesion can be well controlled during the spraying, and Xanthan gum also can extend the validity, so it is a good stabilizer for agricultural chemicals.

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