Xanthan gum used in oil industry

Xanthan gum used in the oil industry

Xanthan gum is an excellent additives for oilfield drilling mud. Its unique high viscosity in the low shear can help low concentration of the drilling fluid suspend solids. Even in the high-temperature, high concentration solution of acid, alkali, salt, Xanthan gum still can maintain this property. This is especially important in the offshore drilling or other harsh conditions.

Xanthan gum is suitable for the tertiary oil recovery and enhanced oil recovery in oil production. Its strong heat resistance properties make it be a reliable displacing agent and mobile control agent.guar and xanthan gum oildrilling-drilling fluid


Compared with polyacrylamide, CMC (carboxymethylcellulose), modified starch and some plant polysaccharides (such as guar gum, etc.), Xanthan gum have a clear technological advantage in oilfield development for its high ability of increasing the viscosity, thickening, anti-salt and anti-pollution. Especially when used in the ocean, beach, halogen layer and permafrost drilling, it has apparent effect on preventing the blowout.Low concentrations of xanthan gum solution can maintain viscosity of water-based drilling fluids and let it have good suspension performance, so that it can prevent borehole to collapse, inhibite formation blowout and facilitate discharging the cutting gravel out of wells.

Its properties are much better than polyacrylamide. The pseudo-plasticity of xanthan gum make the Xanthan gum liquid near the drill show extremely low viscosity, which was happened because of the strong shear caused by high-speed rotation. It has characteristics of low friction, which can help to save energy consumption. Because of the salt resistance and high temperature resistance, xanthan glue used in the rheological control of tertiary oil recovery can help the recovery factor improve 10%. Currently about 30% to 40% of xanthan gum is used in the drilling mud and tertiary oil recovery in foreign countries.

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