Carrageenan is a hydrophilic colloid extracted from certain red algae seaweed, it can be divided into K-type (Kappa), I-type (Iota) and L-type (lambda).

In the food industry, Carrageenan is generally used as thickeners, gelling agents, suspending agents, emulsifiers and stabilizers, etc.

The application in the food industry

Carrageenan has strong stability and its dry powder does not readily degrade in long-term placement. It is also very stable in neutral and alkaline solution, it will not be hydrolyzed even when heated. But in acidic solution (especially the pH value ≤ 4.0), Carrageenan is prone to acid hydrolysis with the gel strength and the viscosity decreased. It is worth noticing that, under neutral conditions, if carrageenan prolonged heating at high temperatures, it will be hydrolyzed to cause the gel strength reduced. All types of carrageenan can be dissolved in hot water and hot milk. When dissolved in hot water, it will form a viscous free running solution with transparent or slightly milky. Carrageenan will absorb water to expansion but cannot be dissolved in cold water.

The role in jelly production

As a good coagulant, Carrageenan can substitute agar, gelatin, pectin,carboxymethyl cellulose etc.. Jelly made with agar has no enough elastic and high prices; and the shortcoming of jelly made with gelatin is low freezing point and melting point, so the preparation and storage need low-temperature refrigeration; another shortcoming used pectin ie that it need to join in the high solubility of sugar and adjust to appropriate pH in order to solidification. While carrageenan does not have these disadvantages and  jelly made with carrageenan is elastic and not away from the aqueous, therefore, jelly becomes commonly used gelling agent.

Used in fudge production

Fruit jelly made with carrageenan has the characters as follows: concentrated fruityodour, moderate sweetness, refreshing and none-stick with teeth and better transparency and lower price than agar. When it is added into normal hard candy and fudge, it will help the product feel taste smooth, more flexible and low sticky and increased stability.

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E No E407
Einecs No 232-524-2
CAS No. 9000-07-1
HS Code 1302391100
Items Standards
Appearance Tan to light and free flowing powder
Loss on Drying max. of 12%
PH 8.0-11.0
Water Viscosity 40-200 mPas
Gel Strength Water gel (1.5%, 0.2KCl) >450 g/cm2
Substances insoluble in hot water max. of 2.0%
Substances insoluble in acids max. of 2.0%
Total Plate Count max. of 5,000 cfu/g
Total variable mesophilic aerobic max. of 5,000 cfu/g
Yeasts and Moulds max. of 100 cfu/g
Ferromagnetical mechanical impurities Absent


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