Gelatin is hydrolyzate of collagen, it is a non-fat high-protein without cholesterol, and it is a natural nutritional food thickener. After eating it will neither make people fat, nor lead to stamina decline. Gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid with high emulsifying capacity. When getting into the stomach, it can inhibit the cohesive effect caused by gastric acid from protein such as milk and soy milk to conducive the digestion of food.

The gelatin can be dissolved in hot water to form a thermally reversible gel, which has extremely excellent physical properties, such as jelly force, affinity, highly dispersed, low viscosity characteristics, dispersion stability , water holding capacity, coating resistance, toughness, and reversibility, etc.  so the gelatin is an important food additives and is widely used as food jelly, stabilizing agent, thickening agent, foaming agent, emulsifying agents, dispersing agents and clarifying agent, etc.

Gelatin can be divided into four categories by purpose, that is, the photographic, edible, medicinal and industrial. As a thickening agent, edible gelatin is widely added in the food industry, like jelly, food coloring, senior fudge, ice cream, cream cheese, yogurt and frozen food, etc.. In the chemical industry, it is mainly used as the raw material of the adhesive, emulsifying and advanced cosmetic.

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E No E441
Einecs No 232-554-6
CAS No. 9000-70-8
HS Code 3503001001
Appearance Yellow or yellowish granular
Jelly strength (6.67%) 120 – 260 bloom (as per need)
Viscosity (6.67%) 30- 48
Moisture ≤16%
Ash ≤2.0%
Transparency (5%) 200- 400mm
pH (1%) 5.5- 7.0
So2 ≤50ppm
Insoluble material ≤0.1%
Arsenic (as)  ≤1ppm
Total bacterial ≤1000cfu/ g
E.coli Negative in 10g
Salmonella Negative in 25g
Paticle size 5- 120 mesh (as per need)

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