Konjac gum

Konjac Gum/Konjac gum powder has many characteristics such as hydrophilic, thickening property, stability, emulsification, suspension, gel and film forming properties, etc.

Konjac Gum can be a variety of food additives, so Konjac Gum is widely used in the food industry. Used as stabilizers for ice cream, Konjac Gum makes the taste smooth and delicate; as additives in biscuits, cakes and other baked food, Konjac Gum makes the products have smooth appearance and loose texture;Konjac Gum can increase the intensity of the lines and surfaces to increase toughness of noodles;

as stabilizers of beer foam, Konjac Gum can help bubbles small and uniform after pour into cups as well as hang cup for a long time; as a binder, Konjac Gum can be added into noodles, rice noodles, twisted leather, meatballs, sausage, bread and pastries to enhance tendon force and keep fresh state; as gelling agent,Konjac Gum can be added into various kinds of fudge, obstinacy and crystal sugar, and also it can be used to produce bionic food.

Konjac Gum is an edible plant fibers but uneasily be digested. Konjac Gum is low in calories and has characteristics like high water absorbability, high viscosity and high expansion rate. After absorption of gastric juice in the stomach, the expansion rate will reach 20 to 100 times, which will let people have satiety. It fully meets people’s eating pleasure without becoming fat, so there is no need to deliberately go on a diet to achieve a balanced diet in order to achieve the ideal weight loss results.

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Konjac gum

E No E425
Einecs No 253-404-6
CAS No. 37220-17-0
HS Code 1302399090
Appearance SD1 SD2
Viscosity(mpa.s) 20000 mPas min 36000 mPas min
Gluomannan content 80% min 90% min
Appearance white or cream-color and free flowing powder
Particle size 120 – 200 mesh
Loss on drying 10% max
PH of 1% solution in water 5.0-7.0
Lead(Pb) 1.0 mg/kg max
Arsenic(As) 3.0 mg/kg max
SO2 0.5 g/kg max
Insolubles 6% max
Total plate count 5000 cfu/g max
Yeasts and moulds 100 cfu/g max
Coliform Negative
Salmonella Negative
Method of test Viscosity: 1% aqueous solution at, 30℃,constant temperature for over 4 hours,use the NDJ-1 Viscometer(made in shanghai Scanle Instrunment Factory),No.4 Spindle,12r/min

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