Application of Apple Pectin in the Food Industry


Generally speaking, the apple Pectin is divided into 3 types: HM, LMC and LMA. HM apple Pectin refers to apple Pectin with DE (degree of esterification) over 50% while on the contrary LMC apple Pectin refers to DE (degree of esterification) less than 50%.


Within the human body system, apple Pectin absorbs water, swell and form a kind of viscous liquid. Consequently, this helps to delay the absorption of carbohydrates and effectively keep the balance of postprandial blood glucose. It is acknowledged by both FAO and WHO that apple Pectin has no poisonous side effect and there’s no limit to the daily additive amount. As a kind of new, natural and functional food additives, apple Pectin has been widely used in jam, jelly, food packaging film, biological medium and other fields.


In food processing, apple Pectin usually acts as gel and is widely used in jam, jelly sweets and baking. Next, it can also act as the thickening and stabilizing agents added to fruit juice and dairy products. The salad dressing mostly used xanthan gum as the adhesive and opacifying stabilizer. However, since apple Pectin has favorable stability and refreshing taste, its effects on improving the properties of salad dressing has exceeded that of xanthan gum. As a thickening agent, apple Pectin can be used as the taste thickening agent in beverages with low juice content or sugarless soft drinks.

As a fine water-soluble dietary fiber, apple Pectin is an important substance to keep the body healthy. It not only helps to promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis and nutrient absorption but also is an excellent pharmaceutical base because it has curative effects on treatment of such diseases as hypertension, diarrhea, intestinal cancer, diabetes and obesity.

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