Functions of gamma cyclodextrin in the Food Industry

Functions of gamma cyclodextrin in the Food Industry and Food additives   1. Resistance to Volatilization and Anti-oxidation The inclusion compound formed by gamma cyclodextrin and these fragrant ingredients with high volatility helps to strikingly slow down volatilization and oxidation for long-term storage. In addition, it can also blend with animal or plant oils and remain stable […] read more

Application of Cyclodextrins in Food

Application of Cyclodextrins in Food   Cyclodextrins, CD for short can produce compounds with a lot of active ingredients in the food additives to stabilize the physical-chemical properties of inclusion compound, reduce oxidation, passivate light sensitivity and heat sensitivity and to decrease volatility. Consequently, CD can be used to protect aromatic substances and maintain the […] read more

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Modified Starch

Modified Starch Modified starch refers to products with changed properties of natural starch by means of physical, chemical and enzymatic methods. By the dissection, rearrangement and oxidation of molecules or the introduction of substituents into starch molecules, starch derivatives with changed, strengthened or new properties can be produced. Different kinds of modified starch can be […] read more

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Hydroxypropyl β Cyclodextrin

β-Cyclodextrin A. Brief Introduction ofβ-Cyclodextrin English Name: β-Cyclodextrin (CD, short for Cyclodextrin) Alias: BCD Structural Formula:   Molecular Weight: (C6H10O5)7 Molecular Weight: 1135.0 Physical and Chemical Properties: White crystalline powder, odorless, slightly sweet, soluble in water(1.8 g/100 ml,20℃)but hardly soluble in methanol and ethanol; melting point 290-305℃; inner diameter(molecular interspace) 0.7-0.8nm; optical activity [α]25D+165.5°. It […] read more

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Research Progress of Modified Corn Starch

Research Progress of Modified Corn Starch   The annual output of corn in our country is about 120,000,000 tons and ranks second in the world. It has great potential of development for the low cost. Due to the abundance of corn resources and high content of starch in corn, with the average content of 71.6%, […] read more

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